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The Dictionary Of The Spoken Taino Language

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The Wisdom Of The Cemi', We Are Tainos Not Arawaks

THE TAINO LANGUAGE PROJECT: This Taino Dictionary Is Under reconstruction. This is a project of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc., We appreciate and do invite comments from the Professional Linguists. "We the Taino people of today, very proudly still speak our language in our Taino communities." Chief Guanikeyu

Note: This is only a small example of our Lovely Taino Language. The work that has been done on this new Taino dictionary is due to the great efforts on the part of Chief Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, a teacher of the Taino language. A full Version will Soon be online for your pleasure, Thank you, from the Taino TITC Team of The Taino Language Project.

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Ana means Flower

  • Words with A sounds
  • Borike'n means Great Land of the Valiant & Noble Lord

  • Words with B sounds
  • BOhio means Roundhouse

  • Words with BO sounds
  • Caona means Gold

  • Words with C sounds
  • Choreto means Abundance

  • Words with CH sounds
  • Dujo means Chief's Chair

  • Words with D sounds
  • Ector means Sweet Soft Corn

  • Words with E sounds
  • Fotuto means Trumpet

  • Words with F sounds
  • Guarico means Come

  • Words with G sounds
  • Heketi means One

  • Words with H sounds
  • Ita means Don't know

  • Words with I sounds
  • Jicotea means Land Turtle

  • Words with J sounds
  • Ke' means Earth or Land

  • Words with K sounds
  • Liani means Wife

  • Words with L sounds
  • Macu' means Big Eyes

  • Words with M sounds
  • Naca'n means Center

  • Words with N sounds
  • Ocama means Listen

  • Words with O sounds
  • Piragua' menas Long Boat

  • Words with P sounds
  • Qu'emi means Rabbit

  • Words with Q sounds
  • Ris means Red

  • Words with R sounds
  • Siani means Married Woman

  • Words with S sounds
  • Shingu means Amazon River

  • Words with SH sounds
  • Tanama means Butterfly

  • Words with T sounds
  • Uicu' means Fermented Drink like Beer

  • Words with U sounds
  • Veycosi means White Juice from the Yuca

  • Words with V sounds
  • Wu'a means NO!

  • Words with W sounds
  • Yaya means Great Spirit or Creator

  • Words with Y sounds
  • Zinato means Irritated

  • Words with Z sounds

  • *A Little about our Written Taino Grammar*

  • Grammar
  • *Objects used in Daily Taino Living*

  • Objects
  • *Names of Animals of Land And Water*

  • Animals
  • *Names of Planta of Land And Water*

  • Plants
  • *Names of Taino Families And People*

  • Families

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    The Dictionary Of The Indigenous Peoples Of The Caribbean

    It is to be noted that, this other dictionary of Taino terms is written solely in Spanish. This dictonary of Taino terms can not be trusted because many of these words are false and not complety accuate. These terms have not yet been studied by our Taino language project team. We would like you to know, that our new version of the Taino language dictionary, are going to incorporate these terms and all other documented or recognized Taino dictionary terms, that were gathered by the past Spanish historians, via our Taino language project. Credit is to be given to Mr. Jose Pedreira, for his effort in trying to present an Indigenous Diccionary of the People of the Caribbean.

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    Some General Notes About Our Taino Language

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