Ma = adj. : Big.

Mabi' = n : A Refreshing Fermented drink, made from the peel of the fruit of the Mabi' tree.

Maboya = n : Big Evil or The Great Evil Spirit.

Mabuya = n : Ghost.

Macana = n : Club, a War club.

Maca = n : Tree.

Macu' = n : Big Eyes.

Macuto = n : Deep Baseket, made of vines.

Magu'ey = n : Big Sun, a Drum. (See the word Mayohuacan).

Mahite = n : Toothless or If missing any teeth.

Maja = n : Big Snake.

Manaya = n : Hatchet, of Stone.

Manati' = n : Sacred Sea Cow, is "Big Woman of the Great Spirit of the Waters. Also called Manatee.

Manicato = n : A Bold person, valiant of a good heart.

Mao = n : Cotton Bib, made from cotton to protect thorax. The Mao's were only used by the Chiefs and Underchiefs. The Mao was worn on the shoulders of the Chiefs when they went on long sea travels en the Caribbean.

Maraca = n : Gourd Rattle, musical Instrument made of Higuera gourd.

Matu'm = n : Generosity. This is a noble cultural pattern of the Taino.

Matu'n = adj. : Generous.

Mayohuaca'n = n : The Taino Sacred Ceremonial Drum. (See the word Magu'ey).

Mime = n : Little Fly.

Mini = n : Fountain or Spring of Water.

Moin = n : Blood.

Mu' = n : Head. See the word Cimu'.

Mucaro = n : Owl, bird of the night. It is called the Night Eagle and is a good spiritual symbol for the Tainos.


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