A Little About Our Written Taino Grammar

Aje Casabi = Potatos and Bread.

Aneke = Why?

Baneke = Why you?

Bara yucubia = Rain for the Plants.

Busica guaki'a = Give to Us.

Daca-taino = I am good.

Gua'kia Baba = Our Father.

Guami'Caraya guey = Lord of Moon and Sun.

Guami'ke'ni = Lord of Earth and Waters.

Gua'rico guaki'a = Come to us.

Han-ha'n catu' = Yes let it be this way.

Hu'raca'n ua' = Center of the Wind no!

Maca-buca = What do I care?

Naboria daca = I am your Servant.

Na-neke = Why me?

Ocama-quay-ari'daneke' = Here me Hey! my people?

Oubao-moin = Island of Blood.

Taiguey = Good day.

Taino-ti' bo matu'm = Good High big and generous.

Tei-toca = Stay still or to Be quit.

Turey toca = Quitness or stillness of the sky.

Yuke'io han = Spirit of the White Monutain yes!


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