Tabacu' = n : Tabacco.

Taicaraya = interj. : Good Night or Good Moon.

Taiguey = interj. : Good Day or Good Sun.

Taino = adj. : Good. or Good People. Taino language sextext break down: "Tai"="Good" and "No"="People"

Taino-ti' = interj. : "May the Good Great Spirit be with you!". Many Tainos today use this common saying.

Taiguaitiao = : Good Friend.

Tanama = n : Butterfly.

Tao = n : A metal plate made of gold and copper, in the form of a cross also looked upon llke a Chief Guanin. See also Guanin.

Tatagua = n : Ear Ring, made of gold or sea shells.

Tau = interj. : Hello or Hi, a modern day Taino greeting.

Tau-tu'a = n : The good purgative, users to purge.

Ti' = n : Hight, highness, Tall or Big Spirit, as in The Great Spirit.

Tibisi = n : Vegetable.

Tiburon = n : Shark.

Tonina = n : Dolphin.

Tuna = n : Of Water. See the word Ni.

Ture = n : Chair with short legs made of wood.

Turey = n : Sky.

Tureygua = n : Celestial.


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