Names of Taino Families And People

Agueybana, Cacike Agueybana = The Great Sun, Great Chief of the Village of Guaynia on the Island of Puerto Rico 1493. It was in 1508 that he shared his name in the "Taino Guatiao Naming Ceremony" with Juan Ponce de Leon and was later known as Juan Ponce de Leon.

Agueybana, Cacikea Ine'es Agueybana = The Great Sun, Chieftess and mother of Great Chief Agueybana & Chief Gueybana of the Village of Guaynia of Puerto Rico in 1493.

Agueybana, Cacike Fransico de Agueybana = The Great Sun, the Chief of the region of Saona on the island of Santo Domingo in the year 1514.

Anacaona, Cacikea Anacaona = Golden Flower, great Haitian Chieftess, Sister of Chief Bojekio and the Wife of Chief Caonabo, she was the pretties Taina woman of the all Caribbean. She had 80 regional Chiefs under her command in the region of Jaragua. She was a great War Chieftess, betrayed by a Spanish friend, she was inprisoned and ordered hung by the neck in Santo Domingo by the Spanish Governor Ovando.

Baguanamey, Cacike Baguanamey = Brother of Chieftain Caguax of the Turabo tribal region of Caguas, Puerto Rico. His daughter was Doņa Maria Baguanamey.

Caonabo', Cacike Caonabo' = Big Gold, Warchief of the region of Maguana on the Island of Santo Domingo, Husband of Chieftess Anacaona, Golden Flower. He was the Warchief who destroyed the Spanish fortress called Fort Nativity on the Island of Santo Domingo in 1492.

Guacanagari, Cacike Guacanagari = The Elder and great Taino prophet he had the great vision of the coming of the Guamikena (White Men), he was the father of Chief Guarionex of region of Magua in Santo Domingo 1492.

Guarionex, Cacike Guarionex = The Brave Noble Lord, Warchief of the village of Otuao or Utuado in Puerto Rico 1493. He fought in the great battle of the Toa with Chiefs Gueybana, Urayoan and Orocobix, against the Spanish and Sotomajor in 1511.

Guarionex, Cacike Guarionex = The Brave Noble Lord, the Son of Guacanagari. He was a Warchief of the region of the Magua in Santo Domingo 1492.

Guarocuya, Cacike Guarocuya = Great WarChief Guarocuya, also know by the Spanish name of Enriquillo, his wife was called Don~a Mencia, he was the nephew of Chieftess Anacaona. He fought for 13 years against the Spanish invaders on the Island of Santo Domingo.

Guatubanamu', Cacike Guatubanamu' = Great Fire Head, Haitian Warchief who fought in the battle Higuey, in the region of the Higuey against Juan Ponce de Leon. He was also known by the name Cotubanamu'.

Gueybana, Cacike Gueybana = Great Sun, Chief of the Village of Guaynia, younger brother and successor of Great Chief Agueybana of the Island of Puerto Rico in 1508.

Higuamota, Higuamota = Daugher of Chief Caanabo and Chieftess Anacaona, ella se caso con un Espan~ol llamado Guevara.

Orocobix, Cacike Orocobix = Rememberance of the first gran Mountain, he was the Chief of the village of Jatibonicu of the mounTAINOus region of Jatibonicu in the central Mountain range en Puerto Rico. Chief Oromico was his younger brother and he was the Cousin of Chiefs Agueybana and Gueybana from village of Guaynia. The descendents of the Orocobix family in Puerto Rico is the family of Rodriguez. Cacike Pedro Guankeyu Torres is a descendant of the Orocobix family of his maternal family line of Perez-Rodriguez.

Yuisa, Cacikea Yuisa = Chieftess of the village of Jaymanio of Puerto Rico, she was given into bondage along with her village people by Juan Ceron in 1509 to work the gold mines of the Toa river region.


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