Yabisi = n : Tree.

Yarima = n : Anus.

Yaguasa = n : Duck.

Yamoca' = n : Two.

Yamoca'n = n : Three.

Yara = n : Place.

Yarabi = n : Small place.

Yarari = n : A Fine Place.

Yari = n : Small Gold Jewelry, like necklaces of Gold etc.

Yamuy = n : Cat.

Y'ay'a = n : The Creator or Great Spirit. The term Y'aY'a or I'aI'a means Spirit of Spirits.

Yaya' = n : Spirit of the Tree.

Yayael = n : Son of Yaya.

Yayama = n : Pineapple, this is another name for the same fruit. (See the word Anana).

Ynoa = n : Poisonous Juice.

Y'ocahu' = n : Spirit of the Sacred Mountain of the Yuca. Another of the names for the Creator.

Yu' = n : White.

Yucayeke = n : Village.

Y'u'kei'o = n : Sacred Spirit of the White Earth Mountain, a Benevolente Spirit. A monntain in the Luquillo or Yunque Rainforest en Puerto Rico.

Yuke' = White Earth. As the Montain en Luquillo Puerto Rico is always in a white cloudy haze, that is how it gets it name. Yuke is the proper name for the Yumque.


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