Goeiz = n : The Spirit, of a living person.

Gua = art. : The o Her, Use with High Ranking people, example The King or Her Majesty.

Guaba = n : Spider.

Guabasa = n : The Fruit that is eaten & sustains the dead in the afterlife.

Guaca = Part: Region or Nearness.

Gua'cara = n : Cave or The Region of the Birthplace.

Guada = n : Garden.

Guagua = n : Bus or Car, a modern Taino term for a transit.

Guaiba' = v : Go or leave.

Guaili = n : Boy or Small Infant Child.

Guaitiao = n : Friend or Friends.

Guajey = n : Gord Scraper. A musical Instrument also known as a Guiro.

Guake'te = n : Gathering or Joining of the people of the Earth, in Festival.

Gua'kia = pron. : We, or Our.

Guali = n : Son, Sons or Children.

Guama = n : Principal And Superior, a kind of Head Man of a Tribe.

Guama' = n : Large Shade Tree, a Fruit Tree.

Guami' = n : Lord or Sir.

Guami'ke'ni = n : The Lord of Land & Water. A name that the Tainos gave Christopher Columbus.

Guami'ke'na = n : The great Lord, Name given to the Superior Chiefs. Guami'ke'na, was also a name given to identify the Spaniards.

Guamo = n : Trumpet, made from the large Sea Shell.

Guanajo = n : The Turkey.

Guani = n : The Bee Hummingbird.

Guani' = n : Noble Man.

Guani'n = n : A Chiefs Golden chest metallion, made of three (3) metals 18 of Gold 6 of Silver and 8 of Copper. This is the symbol of the authority of the village Chief.

Guanime = n : Corn Bread, made of corn meal, in the form of a little round ball.

Guara = n : The Place.

Guaraguao = n : Red Tailed Hawk.

Guare = n : Twins.

Guarico = v : Come or come here.

Guaroco = n : Rememberance or To Know.

Guata = n : Lie or Liar.

Guatiao = n : The Taino Naming Ceremony, exchanging of names and also an adopted person.

Guatu' = n : Fire.

Guay = Interj : An Expression of emotion or Pain, when you say Ouch! it hurts, or Admeration or to Yell "Yucayeke' Guay!" or attention village peoples.

Guayo = n : Grater, a board used to grate the yuca en preparation of the Casabe bread.

Guazabara = n : War or Warrior.

Guey = n : Sun.


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