Cabuya = n : A thin Cord, a fishing line used for fishing, made from fibers of the Majagua or Maguey plant.(See the word Jico).

Cacike = n : Chief.

Cacibajagua = n : The Black Cave.

Cacona = n : Reward.

Caguama = n : Big Sea Turtle, but much larger then the Carey sea turtle.

Caguana = n : The fertility Mother, also known as The Woman of Caguana.

Caicu = n : Reef or Little Island Land Bridge.

Calichi = n : Fountain of the high mountain.

Cajaya = n : Female Shark.

Ca'n = n : Center. See the word Huraca'n.

Canari = n : Bole, made of clay.

Caniba = n : Carib Indian.

Caney = n : Lomghouse, house of the head Tribal Chief or Elder of the Village.

Canoa = n : Small Boat, Embarcation.

Canocum = n : The number 3 Three.

Caona = n : Yellow Gold.

Caracuri = n : Nose Ring, jewelry. Many times these were made of Gold.

Carey = n : The Green Sea Turtle.

Cari' = n : Island of the Valeant, Name for the Island of Trinidad.

Carib = n : Strong man.

Caribe = n : Brave people.

Casabi = n : Bread, made from the Yuca.

Catey = n : Disturb, bother.

Cay = n : Island.

Cayajabo = n : A Red Matt color, a red color without shine.

Cayaya = n : A Shrub.

Cayo = n : A Pass between Islands, Cay Island, a Pass or a Key.

Cayuco = n : boat, made of one peice of wood, flat, without a keel.

Cemi = n : Meaning "Forehead of the Lord", its is also a Totem.

Chicha = n : Beer, a Fermented drink corn.

Ciba = n : Stone.

Cibao = n : Stone Mountain.

Cibuca'n = n : Extractor or Squeezer, a long cylindrical device made of fibers, used to squeeze out the poisonous juices from the Yuca brava, in the process of preparing the Casabi bread. In the main Arawak language it is known as Matapi.

Cike'o = n : Land of the Stone Mountain.

Cimu' = n : A persons forhead.

Coa = n : An instrumentor or Stick used in Farming, made of wood.

Cobo = n : Marine Sea Shell.

Cocuyo = n : Small Lighting Bug, the one with a blueish colored light, they come out at night. See the word Cucubano.

Cohoba = n : Sacred Ceremonial Snuff, made from the seeds of the Cojobana Tree. Also the name for the Sacred Taino Religeous Cohoba Ceremony.

Cojiba = n : Rolled Tabacco, also Cohiba a mix used within the Cohoba Ceremony.

Cojibi = n : Cigarette. a modern term used by the Taino people, a small cigar.

Coki' = n : Tree Frog, Meaning "Tree Spirit of the Earth" the Little Green Tree Frog.

Colibri = n : Hummingbird.

Conu'co = n : Farm Lands, or Gardens for Planting.

Cori = n : Guinea Pig.

Cu' = n : Sacred, Sacred Place. (See the word Ku').

Cucubano = n : Large Lighting Bug, with four wings and two lights, they come out at night. See the word Cocuyo.

Cuey = n : Sacred Object.

Cuyo = n : Light.


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