Ja' = Interj. : Sound used in emotion or Admiration, as in Wow!.

Jaba = n : Basket, used to carry things, made from bijaos or the leaves of the Yarey Palm tree.

Ja'bao = n : Three stringed musical Gourd Instrument, made from the higuera and the three strings from the Yamuey, cat intestine or guts. The numbers 3 and 4 are sacred numbers within Indigenous Taino religious circles.

Jagua = n : Black Dye, used to dye the cotton fabric and for body paint.

Jagua = n : A Fruit Tree, the juice is white, but with aging it turns a black color, from this black Jagua juice a dye is obtained for body paint and for dying the white cotton materials.

Jaiba = n : River Crab o Freshwater Crayfish.

Ja'tibonicu' = n : The Great High Place of the Sacred Waters. The ancient Village of Chief Orocobix in the central mountains of Puerto Rico.

Jauja'u = n : The white yuca bread but much thiner.

Jeiticacu' = n : Black Eyes, Its also is ment as an insult between our Taino people.

Jeje'n = n : Mosquito.

Jiba = n : Forest, or Bush country.

Jibaro = n : Man of the Forest.

Jibe = n : Sieve, used to sieve the yuca flower.

Jibiria = n : Watermelon.

Jico = n : A cord or rope, to hang the hamocks. (See the word Cabuya).

Jicotea = n : Land Turtle.

Jimagua = n : Twins, two persons that look very much alike.

Jujo = n : Snake.


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