Baba = n : Father.

Bagua = n : Sea.

Baira = n : Bow.

Bajacu' = n : dawn, the morning light.

Bajari = n : A title of distinction and high respect.

Bana = n : Greatness or Grand Place.

Bara = n : Kill or Death.

Baracutey = n : Solitary, an Animal or person that travels alone.

Barbacoa = n : A Stand, a four legged stand, made of sticks, used in the cooking process of roasting meat. It has many uses, as a Village Look out Tower or used in the planting Fields as a stand to chase away the animals.

Barbecue = n : A meat roasting process. A poorly written translation between Spanish and English of the Taino word Barbicu'.

Barbicu' = n : A meat roasting process, using a fire pit and a barbacoa stand and placing upon it the roasted meat. (See the word Barbecue).

Batata = n : Potato.

Batey = n : Sacred Ceremonial Ball Court or Plaza. This is also use as the name of the sacred Batey Ball Game.

Batu = n : Ball.

Bi = n : Life, Beginning or first.

Bibi = n : Mother.

Bieke = n : Small land.

Bija = n : Red body Paint made of achote.

Bijao = n : Thatch, made from the leaves of the Yarey Palm tree, used in construction of the BOhios or Roundhouses.

Bijirita = n : The Cooing Dove.

Bimini = n : Life of the Spring waters. Also the name for the State of Florida USA.

Bo = n : Great, Greatness or Big.

Boba = n : Serpent.

Bociba = n : Great Stone also Cibabo.

Bohiti = n : Shamen, a Taino Spiritual Leader, one who known the wisdom of both of the Plant and Spirit worlds.

Boniata = n : Sweet Yuca

Boria = n : Work.

Borike'n = n : Great Land of the Valiant & Noble Lord.

Boya = n : Evil Spirit.

Bure'n = n : A Flat Round Plate made of clay, used to cook the Casabe bread.

Buticaco = n : Shifty Eyes. This is an insult between our Taino people.


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