N = n : Noble Lord.

Na = n : Thing.

Naca'n = n : Center.

Nagua = n : Small Loincloth made of white cotton, also used today by the Taino Men. A Note from the TITC Inc : the useage of the term "Taparrabo or Tail Cover" when referring to a Native American Loincloth is a racist Spanish term and should not be used. "The Indigenous people are not animals, we are human beings" Guanikeyu.

Naiboa = n : The poisonous juice of the Yuca brava, use for fishing in the rivers. (see the word Anaiboa).

Naje = n : Oar, used for rowing the Canoas or Boats.

Nana' = n : Girl.

Nanichi = n : My Heart or My Love.

Naniki = n : Spirit or to be active.

Natiao = n : Brother or Brothers as in a family.

Ni = n : Water.

Nigua = n : Insect, similar to the flee, it penatrates the skin of the feet, lays its eggs, causes iching and ulcers that are very painful.

Nitayno = n : Sub-Chief.


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