The Arocoel Grandfather's Sacred Caney Longhouse
Tribe of the Great People of The Sacred High Waters

The Red, Yellow and Green are the tribal colors of our Taino Tribe of Jatibonicu' of Boriken and the Taino Band of Southern New Jersey.

The Taino Tribe of Jatibonicu'

Our Tribal Nation Motto: Like A Mountain We Stand Alone


This is a picture of Principal Chief Guanikeyu at the March 27th 1998, Sacred Canupa Pipe sharing and Bonding Ceremony of the Taino people.

"I say to the Creator of the Four Winds and the giver of breath, that upon this 27th day of March, 1998, that I, Amaraca Yamoca, Two Rattles, also known as Guanikeyu, Noble Bird Of The White Earth, who is the Principal Chief of Jatibonicu Taino people, have humbly place my lips upon this most sacred Chanupa Pipe. I make this sacred promise to Yaya the Creator and Great Spirit. I say to my Brothers and Sisters and to all of my relatives who have shared this sacred Chanupa within this tribal circle. I do hereby wash away all my bitterness and past indifference between my Taino Brothers and Sisters. May they always keep this sacred pledge of love and unity as we are now in union with Yaya the Creator. Now we walk together as one Taino people. Han Han Catu' and Let it be so. Yahe!" "I say to all my relatives upon the face of our Earth Mother Atabey. I say to those Taino people, who dare take part in this sacred ceremony. I say woe to you and to yours. I say remember and thus be aware, for whatever vain reason you may declare. Should you ever break this most sacred promise, to the Creator as you will forever be dead in his eyes if you should betray your word to him the giver of life. I will say no more..."

On A Public Note:

The long stemmed North American Lakota Canupa Pipe, viewed in the above picture, is not a traditional Taino pipe. This Sacred Pipe was used in a respectful way to honor the Creator and our Northern American relatives. They had thus requested, that we share this Sacred Pipe in our Taino peace circle at our Taino Ceremony. On another note: We do use and have our own traditional pre-colombian Taino Pipes

A Taino Tribal Affairs Public Notice

Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation's Proclamation of September 13, 1998

Our Tribal Constitution, Tribal Laws, and Sovereign Government

"The Tribal Elders of the Jatibonicu Caney (Longhouse) and its Council of Nitaynos (Chiefs) of the Jatibonicu' Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken and its Taino Tribal Bands of Florida and New Jersey are recognized as a sovereign Tribal Nation. We are Governed under our own Sovereign Constitution and Tribal Laws. Our Taino Tribal Council of Nitaynos are not in anyway self-appointed, they are democratically recognized via our November 18th 1970 Jatibonicu' Taino Tribal Nation's Constitution and Tribal Laws.

Our Jatibonicu Tribe of Boriken (Puerto Rico) And Its Tekesta Florida and Jatibonicu New Jersey Taino Tribal Bands do not recognize the authority of any foreign governing body nor is it controlled by any entity in Puerto Rico or in the United States of North America. We do not nor have we ever publicly pro-claimed to represent all the Taino People. We only represent the enrolled or registered members of our Jatibonicu' Taino tribe of Boriken (Puerto Rico) and Its other Taino Tribal Bands that are organized and located within their present day United States territories."

(C) Copyrights: Jatibonicu Tribal Nation's Proclamation Amended October 12, 1999:

"We will do everything within our power to preserve and protect the integrity of our Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Government and its sovereign tribal Constitution and Laws against all enemies foreign and domestic" Tribal Elder and Principal Chief Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 1970
Jatibonicu Tribal Motto: "Like A Mountain We Stand Alone"
"30 Years As A Reaffirmed and Legitimately Reorganized Taino Tribal Government"

We would like to make the general public aware of the following: Some contemporary Taino cultural groups are publicly proclaiming to be of a traditional Taino tribal origin, when in fact they are nothing more than urban city cultural groups. Some barter or are in the business of selling native crafts and others are selling spirituality. Our Jatibonicu Taino Longhouse and its tribal laws strictly prohibit the bartering or selling of any kind of sacred ceremonial objects or Taino Spirituality. This includes any reproduction or replicas of the three pointed sacred stones known as Cemis or sacred spiritual Totems. These sacred totems are used within our traditional tribal ceremonies.

A Case of Political Diplomatic Overture

It has been brought to our attention that some contemporary Taino groups are publicly promoting their own private agendas as Confederations, Nations, Grand Councils, who claim to speak as the ultimate authority for all the Taino People of the circum Caribbean and United States diaspora. In our tribal nation Government's view, these groups do not have any authority to speak for the legitimately established Taino tribal groups and Yucayeques (Taino Villages) without their consent and permission. They are not officially recognized as legitimate tribe Governments nor are they recognized by any State or Federal Agencies as tribal entities. These groups do not have any official standing within the legal framework of the legitimately established Native American Tribal Governments of the Americas. We want the general public and the world Governments to be aware of these facts and that our sovereign Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation and its tribal Government has publicly stated in the past that we as a sovereign tribal people wish to completely distance ourselves from any of these misguided contemporary groups. It is to be further made clear that these contemporary groups are not recognize by our tribal Government nor do they have the authority to represent our Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation Government at any Local, State, Federal level nor at the U.N. United Nations as an NGO (Non-Governmental organization) representing our tribal Government at any capacity.

May 1st 2010: Public Warning As To The Spreading of Open Lies And False Stories

It has come to our attention that some so-called Taino people in Puerto Rico and in the United States whom are out there in the public and whom are spreading slanderous lies about our tribal nation's tribal Chief Pedro Guanikeyu Torres in their foolish efforts to publicly claim that they are the true and only real Taino Nation, Council andor Concillio Taino And as such, we want to officially warn the general public about these imposters, bafones and deceptive people. They have their own personal hidden agendas of gaining or obtaining politiictical power by slandering others Tainos people behind their backs. We know who they are and where they live as we have our witnesses. There is a old Arabic saying found in the Koran that says, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and to this we will only say that your time is coming to an end as we will stand with our true Taino friends and not with these bafones.

May 19th 2010: Our Official Recognition of Legitamit Taino Tribal Council Entities

Let it be publicly known, that we hereby recognize Ms. Elba Anaca Lugo-Perez and El Consejo General De Tainos Borincanos (The General Counncil of Tainos of Boriken) in Puerto Rico, as a offical and legitamte tribal council entety in Boriken (Puerto Rico). We further would like to acknowledge that our tribal council government is in friendly consultaion with El Consejo General De Tainos Borincanos aka General Council of Tainos of Boriken. As to the organization called UCTP, We presently do not have any affilaton or association and/or formal political ties with the Taino non-for-profit organization known as the United Confederation of Taino People, Inc.

Taino Census 2000 Registration And Affidavit

Taino Tribal Leader Meets With Heads of US Census


A TRIBAL AFFAIRS PUBLIC NOTICE: "Attention Jatibonicu' Tribal Members" Please be advised of the next Tribal Council meeting. All meetings, will be held on the third Saturday of each month at 3:00 PM sharp. The meeting location is at, 703 South Eight Street Vineland, New Jersey 08360. All Registered members of the tribe are hereby notified and are requested to attend the tribal council meetings. You Should Contact the Tribal Council Affairs office at 856-690-1565, if you plan on attending the next monthly meeting. Any other new tribal issues or business, that needs addressing by the Tribal Council, should be submitted in writing before the next meeting date. Send all letters to the above mailing address, so that they can be put on the next meeting agenda and addressed by the Tribal Council.

Contacting Information For The Puerto Rico And United States Regional Tribal Government of The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken

(The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Council's United States Mailing Addresses)

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Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Protocol And Contacting Procedures

The Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu
US Regional Taino Tribal Affairs Office
Great People of The Sacred High Waters
703 South Eight Street Vineland, NJ 08360

Please Contact Principal Chief Pedro Guanikeyu Torres By Sending Letters Via United States Postal Mail or Via Internet E-Mail
To Our Nitayno-Chief, Ms. Maria Anani Jimenez

Tribal Council Government: Tribal Affairs Office

United States Region Tribal Council office Number
(856) 690-1565

United States Region Tribal Council office FAX
(856) 690-1312

Our Tribal Webmaster Mr. Juan Antonio Perez


The Sacred Written Rock of Jayuya Has Endured The Test of Time For 3000 Years

City of Jayuya, Boriken aka Puerto Rico

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